Friday, May 1, 2009

Straight Jackets, Florals, & Masks...Oh My!

Jaiden rVa James - Autumn/Winter 2009 - "Human Nature"
Photographed by Rafael Stahelin

This fashion line by designers Jaiden James and Rasharn deVera Agyemang is amazing. It showcases slim guys in masks, skirts/kilts, see through shirts, tight patent pants, straight jackets and much more hot shit! I love what they are doing....They are really opening up the fashion worlds eyes on what men's fashion can be.


  1. awesome photographies and gorgeous models

  2. Joshy Darling!
    So Sorry I Didn't Comment Earlier .. I'm In Williamsburg Till Tomorrow :( But Last Night Went To The Kills/The Horrors Concert!! Was Awesome And Thanks! I Knew You Would, Have You Heard The Artist Playdoe He's Awesome And He's Style Reminds Me Of Youuu! You Should Check Him Out If You Haven't :) Anyways TTYL Muah, MB

  3. I like the look, I just do not feel that skirts on men are flattering at all.