Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Topshop In America??

Topshop/Topman is opening a brand new store on April 2 in Manhattan NY! Topshop/Topman is one of the UK's hottest fashion boutiques. I can't wait until they expand the stores to more U.S. states!


  1. Excellent! But haven't they been in Soho for a few months already? Or is this their first US store?

  2. No.... they were suppose to make one there in september but it got delayed to spring 2009....1st u.s. store.. but the u.s. website has been up for a while

  3. aprill 2nd i have t be there!
    thanks for posting the exact date
    i was pissed off about the delaysss and shit
    and thanks for following my blog
    urs rocks Xo parker

  4. Oh I Love The Second Last Photo Darling!
    && Topshop, Ah Got Get Over Thiss Blog
    Gee Your One Talented Lad XOXO Lots Of Love From London , ManhattanBlair!

  5. Yay, I could use a pair of those black and white leggings. Thank goodness despite delays, everything good eventually comes to nyc.

    lindsay || newyorkwords.net

  6. that very last outfit with the leather jack & blue tights is so rad, loveee it! :)

    & yes, isnt lykke li the shit.
    i went to go see her & lemme tell you, AMAZING show.

  7. the last two are soo topshop. i almost bought the totem pole shirt
    i really like your blog :)